Frequently Asked Questions

For a highly talented developer, a service such as this requires very little investment: a bit of time, plus a single, small server.

Tom makes his money from using this service as an effective recruiting method for finding new clients. If you're looking for a talented developer get in touch!

No! All chats take place via our chat console page. As long as the page is open in your browser, you'll be online. As soon as you leave the page, you'll be taken offline. As long as you have at least one operator online, your chat indicator will show.
The chat indicator will only show up when you or at least one of your operators is online and has the chat console page open in your browser.
All chats are saved and can be viewed by administrators. Individual operators can also view their own chat transcripts, but not those chats that other operators have answered!
When a visitor sends a message, it is broadcast to all online operators. As soon as an operator starts typing a reply, the chat is "claimed" by them.